El apoyo del ITC en Tayikistán impulsa las exportaciones de fruta y prendas de vestir (en)

10 junio 2013
ITC Noticias
Trade promotion programmes result in higher-quality goods for global consumption, more job opportunities for women and reduced poverty rates.

The International Trade Centre’s (ITC) trade promotion programmes in Tajikistan have helped boost fruit and clothing production, created jobs for women and reduced poverty levels, according to the country’s deputy minister of economic development. ITC’s partnership with the Tajik government in targeting the agro-processing and textile sectors has resulted in increased exports of products that are competitive in global markets.

Tajikistan exported more than 120,000 tons of dried fruit last year to Russia, other countries in the Commonwealth of Independent States and for the first time, also European countries. Mr Saidrahmon Nazriev, Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade, says that these are direct results of ITC’s trade promotion programmes targeting the country’s agro-processing sector.

Close collaboration

ITC is also working with the Tajik government to develop the country’s textile and clothing sector to produce higher-quality garments made with natural fabrics for both local consumption and exports. ITC is currently the only organization working in that sector. With ITC’s assistance, the sector’s production capacity improved by 28% last year and exports increased by 2.7%, according to the minister. Development of the textile industry resulted in more job opportunities for women, who represent 70% of employees, and was a factor in reducing poverty rates in the country.

The Tajik government began working with ITC in 2002 to target sectors for development. Projects are financed by Switzerland’s State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO). Mr Nazriev says sector success in his country is a result of the close collaboration between his ministry, sector stakeholders and ITC early on in the needs-assessment and project-design stage, which ensures that the trade-related support is aligned with the national development agenda and is owned by its beneficiaries.

Read more information about ITC’s work in Tajikistan by viewing Mr Nazriev’s presentation at this year’s annual Joint Advisory Group meeting on 7 May.

Watch an interview with Mr Nazriev to learn more about and results of ITC’s technical assistance in Tajikistan.


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