Uganda: Business acceleration for young entrepreneurs in the film sector ‘Opportunities Are Here’ (OAH)

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    This new Opportunities are Here project will provide young talents in front of and behind the camera with tailored mentoring, networking opportunities and media exposure, and generate new trade capacity and export opportunities in the film sector in Uganda. The project primarily targets young creatives in Uganda and is designed to incubate and accelerate their talents through specialised training on the film industry giving participants the opportunity to acquire competences and gain competitive advantage in the marketplace.

    The project is an incubator of talents, making training on the film industry available, and giving beneficiaries the opportunity to acquire competences and gain competitive advantage in the marketplace, to identify business opportunities and to market and export their creative talent locally, regionally and internationally.



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    How it works

    Opportunities Are Here

    Africa is bursting with creativity and potential, especially in the media and the arts. Opportunities Are Here (OAH) is designed to find the best young talents, give them visibility, industry exposure and access to world-class expertise. The expert jury decides who will move forward. 

    Since 2019, OAH has worked with over 4,000 young creatives and entrepreneurs in Côte d’Ivoire, Kenya and Uganda. We've trained thousands more to manage a creative business, and helped launch 30 new start-ups, aided by a public reach of over 85 million from all over Africa.

    Three people gather around microphone in radio studio
    Kampala, Uganda. Judges Paynette and Bensoul with radio show host Susan after a discussion on Vybez Radio.
    Photo by Malcolm Muga
    Kenyan group sings and dances in contemporary African dress on stage for reality show
    Nairobi, Kenya. Finalists perform at the Finale of OAH Kenya.
    Photo by Malcolm Muga for ITC

    Discovering talent

    Opportunities Are Here is a popular TV talent show where young people show off their talents and compete for the attention of expert judges. Participation is free and open to candidates from all walks of life. Creative professionals hunt for hidden talent, screening all applications for drive and dedication, and choosing the most promising to appear on the show.

    The path to creative success is yours:

    • Free and open to all
    • National and international celebrity judges
    • Reach huge audiences
    • Connect with local influencers

    Skills for jobs

    OAH helps young creatives develop their talent and acquire skills to further their own careers in the exciting cultural and creative industries, or to set up a business employing other talented women and men. Skills are both technical, depending on the role individual young people aspire to, and managerial, to ensure their career or business is viable and rewarding.

    Training, one-on-one mentoring and expert workshops on:

    • How to pitch creative projects to get them funded
    • How to set up and manage a creative business
    • Multimedia sales, promotion and marketing
    • Quality, intellectual property and copyrights
    • Social and environmental sustainability (ESG)
    Two women, one weaing a blue headwrap, sit at desk in training session
    Young creatives attend masterclasses with industry experts.

    Photo by WebPro

    Calling Ugandan Filmmakers!

    Are you a filmmaker, producer, scriptwriter, story teller or actor? This is your chance to tell your story to the world.
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