Digital report: National trade promotion awards showcase initiatives for small business in global markets

8 diciembre 2022
ITC News

Seven country finalists of global trade promotion awards tell their stories in this innovative digital publication.

Seven country finalists of global trade promotion awards tell their stories in this innovative digital publication.

Trade matters more than ever as small businesses push for new market opportunities to remove the triple threats of global economic crisis, conflict, and climate.

In the International Trade Centre’s innovative digital publication, hear from winning trade promotion leaders about their stories to support small businesses in the current global context. The awards are for excellence in creating partnerships, leveraging technology and sparking inclusive and sustainable trade.

The epublication What makes a winner? -  Inspire – Innovate – Impact  features seven award-winning stories of the 2022 global competition for the World Trade Promotion Organization Awards. It includes videos from national finalists; judges’ and clients’ feedback;  and background for the competition. The epublication is in English, French and Spanish.

All institutions which support small businesses to trade will find the report useful.

  • Business support organizations can adapt fresh ideas to respond to client needs.
  • The international development community can adapt proven successes to the countries in which they work that promote sustainable trade and humanize work.
  • Government officials can better understand the value of national trade bodies that support small firms, especially those led by women, youth and in rural areas.
  • Media will find uplifting and practical stories that show trade promotion bodies as problem solvers for businesses that desperately need assistance during a global economic crisis.
  • Educators can share cases of how to scale up small business competitiveness in international markets

Trade promotion organizations from Jamaica, Malaysia and Zimbabwe received the top prizes for launching innovative country programmes that help small firms benefit from trade opportunities. Austria, Canada, Qatar and Sri Lanka received the runner up recognition.

The International Trade Centre manages the awards process, which has taken place every two years since 2004. This year’s awards took place in Accra, Ghana at the World Trade Promotion Organizations Conference.