From Climate Risk to Resilience: Small business in value chains

Managing risk and building climate resilience among small firms requires a team effort. Climate change is hitting small and medium enterprises (SMEs) hard, and supply chain disruptions have a domino effect. This guide explains how development cooperation agencies, business support organizations, policymakers, large corporations, financial institutions and technical suppliers can work together with small business to manage risk and boost their resilience.

The guide outlines a ten-step plan for small business climate resilience in value chains. It includes case studies from Morocco and Kenya to highlight how green partnerships and business ecosystems can support small firms to gain the skills and production improvements that make businesses more climate-resilient. 

The plan builds shared risk awareness; makes the business case for adaptation; addresses skill gaps; and matches companies with financial and technical service providers. It stems from a collaboration between ITC and GIZ. This report is designed as a follow-up to the ITC report, SME Competitiveness Outlook: Empowering the Green Recovery to address small business needs in value chains.

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